new dress making project, Simplicity 5792

My latest new project – I have spent my alone moments this week speedily (carefully) cutting out, my new sewing room has plenty of space for my work table, oh I’m SO happy and the sun just pours in (I have cut out fabric for a pair of trousers, I tested the pattern ages ago, but I’m yet to post the finished photos.. so I’m not sharing here, yet).

But this little number is a newish pattern, and I’m using what I think is some curtain fabric, I only suspect it is curtain fabric, because it came from my mum, and seems identical to a long winter curtain I have, which also came from my mum.  I would describe it as a pale maroon colour and is a medium weight woven fabric, with just the slightest sheen to the right side.  I don’t think it will need lining, it feels nice to touch.

I usually work much more cleanly and carefully than this photo may show!  But it may give you an idea of the fabric colour.

As you can see, I’m finding my old books to be excellent pattern weights!

The dress is really simple, and I think will be quick to put together, I have made no adjustments, as I think it may be slightly on the larger-than-I-need side, and I’m keen to just make a new dress!  The skirt looks nicely shaped, it is made up of a center panel, to side/front pieces and two backs (as usual).  Really straight forward bodice too.  I hope it all comes together well, I don’t have quite enough fabric for a matching jacket, though I could line the collar (as per version 2) and maybe another detail I’m sure.

I also approximated the skirt length before I cut too, I find most vintage skirt lengths, so far at least are too long on me, look at them all stacked up, sigh.  Now, once I get all the overdue income tax done, I’ll be able to get into sewing!

Thoughtfully, a previous owner has noted ‘side’ on the side skirt panel, I love notes that go along with using older or second hand patterns.


  1. I am making the jacket of this pattern atm but my pattern is printed! Very strange. Maybe they printed it more then once or rereleased or something. The jacket is very well drafted though I have had to adjust the ease and sleeve seam. Maybe I should make the dress at some point too.


    1. Hm, yes, I guess there were different versions? Yes, make the dress! I had some fitting issues, with mine, that I have resolved now, and might make it up again, I do love the dress and jacket ensembles. Aside from the bodice fitting badly, I really like the skirt, it has a nice shape to it, so do make it up.


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