Book review: Simplicity Fabric Guide, The ultimate Fiber Resource

Time for a bit of a sewing book review.. I’ve been reading through a solid stack of sewing history and technique books.

I’m working on my fabrics, most of the fabric I find or acquire doesn’t come with labels.  So I feel as though I’m taking risks at times… So where to start?  Well this book had come up on my radar as worth a read.


Simplicity Fabric Guide, The ultimate Fiber Resource:

While I enjoyed the book and found the alphabetised section with names, suggestions for use and sewing tips good, and the section on fabric identification (burn test results, wohoo!) I would have LOVED a more thorough exploration of the history and processes in fabric manufacture.  The history of fabric was really just touched on in the introduction.  So I’d put this one in the good to have a browse, say for an intro, but hold out for more indepth reading..

Also, it’s a bit fussy, probably, but I really don’t like spiral bound books, unless they are visual diaries, it might seem practical, but I don’t like the way the pages turn and kind of scrunch/squeak.  I know it leans a certain ‘technical’ look and feel to the book, it’s also not that functional as the cover extends around the spiral binding.

Do you have a best ‘go to’ book for your fabric ?  Or a best sewing book ever?  I have a couple more gooduns to write about, and I’d love to hear other sewers recommendations.

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