Simplicity 6845 – a swingin’ top!

This was one of those sewing projects I cut out a couple of months ago, and it’s finally complete!  Wohoo, I used the last of this beautiful fabric, a cotton knit, that my mum gave me.  I’m thinking it’s quite vintage, superb quality and I’ve not seen anything like it before.

I wanted to make version 1, however, not quite enough fabric for sleeves, so it’s sleeveless with the lovely rolled collar.

Nice fabric huh?  Such an unusual print too.  I have used it before, for one of my first ‘real’ sewing projects here, so I was familiar with it, quite thick, no fraying edges.  I found under the arm seams were quite weighty, so wanted to rim any excesses around those areas where you get a build up of layers.

I did have some issues, and I wondered what other sewers do – actually I should confess – I did not use any iron-on facing, partly because I thought it may feel very bulky, and this is a knit fabric and I wasn’t sure about whether you need an iron facing to match – stretch wise, if you know what I mean?

My other concern was around ensuring the arm facing does not wriggle out when I wear it, previously I’ve just sewn a couple of stitches into the side and shoulder seams to hold it – but that has not always fixed the problem.  I didn’t want to topstitch this one as a solution either.

So I decided to sew it all the way around, as I would a hem and it has worked well, my mannequin was invaluable for this task, as I have managed to get it to sit naturally.  Here’s the finished top…

I LOVE to see outfits on people rather than dress forms, but I’ve not managed to get me, my finished outfits and another person to weld the camera together at the same time, so these will have to do!

I like to think it looks better on me!  One thing I found was that it is much more roomy than I would usually wear, and my mum dissuaded me from adding darts (!) to make it more fitting, I do like to try to be true to the style.  I’ve also found my best fit from the vintage patterns I’ve been using is 14, so this is probably another reason why it feels a little big.

The pattern called for a zipper, but I went with a hook and loop instead, another thing I found was that the collar piece was much longer than needed, so I had to improvise the finish a touch, and it is slightly wonky.

All in all, I loved this top, and found it pretty quick and easy to put together, even between the busy kids… I will wear it again, when summer comes!  And I’m already planning a long sleeve version…


  1. Well, done, love the top. In fact, It looks very like the same pattern I used to make my first ever garment (not counting a gingham apron for Domestic Science) that I made at school. Which gives some indication as to how ancient I am, as I don’t think there are needlework and Domestic Science lessons now!
    My version, was in orange cotton (Orange – what was I thinking?!?!?) and I did have to put the zip in mine, probably more than once thanks to my teacher, who almost put me off sewing for life.
    Wish I’d have kept the pattern….


  2. Thank you for your comment. I’ve actually been eying up some old gingham from my mums stash – a possible remake of this top… I do love gingham – though, the colours I have are pink, purple, some grey and black. Don’t see it around much these days.

    I loathed sewing at at school too, and now, I can’t get enough, funny how school can put you off!


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