Simplicity 8702 vintage dress number one!

I’ve had this pattern kicking around for ages, and with this dress, I now know I don’t really suit the shift style…

Here’s all the bits, this one even had a punch card, how old school is that?  First time I’ve pulled one out before.  This was a new/unused pattern that I found in an op shop.

I chose version three, the center one, and it was only after I found the perfect fabric that anything happened…

I was unsure about the sizing, this pattern is size 12 and my measurements placed me somewhere between size 12 and 16, so I added 15 mm on both the front and back panels, and lengthened the facings.

Making darts is very exciting, for me, it starts to take share pretty quickly!

One other reason (besides being a fairly straight forward dress to make up for a beginner sewer) I chose this dress is that it would be simple to modify to allow me to breastfeed comfortably.  I just lowered the front opening a touch, extending the facing too.

Once I tried it on I decided to add a couple of darts in the front, it was a bit too boxy on me, mybe it would suit someone much thinner!  So I added a dart on each side under the bust, all by eye and while wearing it – so I also discovered I could really really do with a mannequin, or a sewing buddy…  Here it is all darted and pressed, but not hemmed…

Oh and I did end up not needing the extra I had allowed for, taking about 15 mm off either side seam, but it was probably what gave me fabric to pay with for the additional darts.

And the reverse, with the not-quite-invisible zip…

I also was a bit slack and did not using any proper facing, mostly because I could not find my stash.  I managed to use one of the zips mum gave me from nana Shirley’s stash and so it was very economical…

All in all I love it, it was a big confidence booster for dressmaking, it feels very summery and I made myself!  See how happy I am?

Here’s that fabric again…

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