retro top for spring

So, I’ve had this cool 70s top on the go for ages, it was supposed to be one for the autumn/spring months, and breastfeeding friendly of course.

And now, it’s complete, I’m so happy, it’s this pattern, Simplicity 8069, middle version, with long sleeves.

And this fabric, which was a little mad, because it wasn’t quite the best choice (a synthetic slightly stretchy fabric) but I soo love the print.

I learnt a lot doing this project, I’m no longer afraid of my lovely machine.  I need to take more care when cutting out (this was one of those quick cut!  Quick iron!  When the kids were asleep..) so really clean straight edges, and making underarms and collars can take more time and care than I thought.

But I do still love it and when the kids are no longer snot monsters I’ll get into it.

I did alter the pattern somewhat, I added length to the sleeves (though I have no idea why, because I needed to shorten them!) and I made the front open lower, for breastfeeding.

I did more top stitching around the neck and bottom hem.

Some construction shots…

Sleeves on, lining up the notches… and some collar details, see the fabric is so beautiful!

I plan to make a short skirt with what’s left of the fabric.


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