Mycelia:Myceliuim – recent work

12 November 2016

  Mycelia:Myceliuim detail long copy

Mycelia:Myceliuim, detail

I have spent this winter working on some new stitching projects, one I can share here comes from some of these findings:

hyphae on bark

Roots of fungi, or Mycelia

Luna and Blake are really into fungi, so we get to spend many hours searching local parks and wild places for these amazing organisms.


stitching hyphae fine


This project resulted in a large scale hand embroidery, Mycelia:Myceliuim. Which I’m still thinking over…in part it was about living in a mouldy flat, knowing that in some places the building, our home, was decomposing around us (you know that smell? That damp mouldy smell?), the landlords were mostly cool about this, we were not so pleased. Our own small experience of the Auckland housing crisis. More on that another time….

Mycelia:Myceliuim takes up a bit of space!

Mycelia:Myceliuim full length copy


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