McCall’s black dress

McCall's 3326 and 3468 patterns 2

Two of my loved McCall’s patterns, 3326 and 3468, from my instagram.

This little number has been on the back burner for a while now, and I finished it a month or so back, and, yes, I love it.

I made the dress by combining two McCall’s patterns I have worked with before, I knew the fit would work, all I was doing was swapping the skirt and bodice, they had the same side seam closure, and are the same size, easy! McCall’s 3326, I first worked with a while back, then, McCalls 3468 was made a year or so back. I was undecided about a number of things, go wild with some stunning big silver buttons? Self belt, or nice vintage buckle? Or no belt? Shoulder pads, too much?

McCalls Bodice

Big buttons or no?

I lined the bodice with a lovely white with black spotted cotton, used buttons from my mums old button stash, and I made bound button holes. Beautiful bound button holes.

McCalls black dress button and bound button hole detai

Bound button holes.

I varied them slightly though, going for one ‘lip’ instead of two, this was due mainly to the bulky fabric, saved a bit of work, and I think works well. The fabric was fairly bulky, and stitching one lip seemed to work well, it sits nice and flat, and is, of course, functional.

McCalls black dress inside bound button hole detail

Inside, the back of the bound button holes.

I don’t usually wear black these days, so this was a step out of my comfort zone, and I am dangerously close to making and wearing more black…

McCalls Black dress horse hair binding hem copy

Fancy horse hair braid inside the hem, see? not completely black….

I added synthetic horse hair braid to the hem of this dress, something I tried with the skirt of my vintage suit.

Check out thay skirt hemJPG copy

This time, I trimmed it with red bias binding, this gives the hem a slight crispness, and when you swirl, a lovely edge, see?

McCalls black dress swirl copy

Nice huh?

McCalls black dress swirl again copy

It is the shirt collar that I loved the most about McCalls 3326, it’s very simple to sew and – I think – so very chic.

McCalls Black dress collar and bodice copy

Such a great shape!

McCalls Black dress shoulder view copy

See? So nice.

McCalls black dress copy

This dress is easily a stylish day dress, but throw on a hat, some gloves and it’s a sophisticated evening – or in my case – the perfect demure funeral dress. This baby had her first real outing to farewell my dear Nana Joy, a very talented sewist in her own right, always ready to praise or critique when necessary!

McCalls black dress skirt copy

Angela xo



  1. Hi Angela,

    I love how you combined the 2 patterns – it looks great. The hem is brilliantly done. It’s tres chic indeed. I hope you got a swirl in at the funeral – even an ‘accidental’ one! It’s lovely you had your Nana around so long.



  2. What a magnificent dress!! Your entire ensemble is so beautiful. You look as though you stepped right out of a mid1950’s hit parade magazine. I’m so sorry that you had to say farewell to your Nana, but it certainly obvious she passed her talents on to you.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.


  3. Oh gosh I just love this! That collar is so simple but so dramatic. How tall would you say it is? I’d love to try something similar myself but I don’t have much access to vintage patterns so I’d probably have to draft it.


    1. Hi Kate, thank you ! I love it too.
      The collar is so simple, the finished collar is 4 cms high, 31 cms around, so add your seam allowance, cut on straight grain, I used a medium to firm interfacing. I’m planning a shirt with the same collar and neckline it’s so easy too.
      I hope you give it a go.


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