Recent stitch work – Lichen

Work room

I’ve been enjoying a spacious workroom, I share it with my two children, they often come and play and make with me, listening to audio books. I’m having a bit of down time with work after some wrist surgery, so I’ve been reviewing work over the last year and planning new work.

We’ve been on many walks, and there is some incredible lichen in the bush, I’m talking trees dripping with strands of lichen, kind of gothic and spooky.

Abbey Caves tree lichen

I’ve never seen such long strands of lichen like this before.

Abbey Caves strands of lichen

It’s so beautiful, and when fresh, or alive, it’s stretchy and supple, though it looks crisp and dry, dead.

Abbey Caves more strands of lichen

And it’s so pale.

Abbey Caves more strands of lichen detail

Fascinating! No surprise that I had to try and explore it more with pencil and thread.

lichen fabric drawing

Watercolour ink.

Study (Usnea) lichen stitch detail two

Some fragments of work in progress.

Study (Usnea) lichen stitch detail

Loving Lichen.

Lichen sketch

You can follow my work on Insatgram too!

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