Vintage Suit Sew Along jacket shell progress

How is your vintage suit going? I’ve been making a lot of progress over the last week or so, and I’m enjoying seeing just how the jacket especially is taking shape, quite literally!

Did you make a note of our new completion date, we have until the end of July to finish our suits, during June I’ll be sharing the end results. It’s very exciting. There are a few of us who need more time for one reason or another, so it is likely that the Vintage Suit Sewing fun will go on for sometime.

Vintage suit sew along front bodice pieces

If you caught my previous post, you’ll recall I finished the welt pockets, which was really tricky. So this week was about sewing in the (imitation) hair canvas on the front jacket panels. The instructions advise sewing the interfacing to the seam allowance and trimming off the remaining centimeter. This is not the amount of work I had anticipated, no pad stitching, even.

Vintage suit sew along joining collar deatil

I could have gone ahead and pad stitched it on anyway, however, given the black and white weave and the challenge of hiding all stitches, I am happy to go along with the original instructions…And finish this baby on time!

I referred to my Readers Digest Complete Book of Sewing for tailoring tips, using it for drafting the hair canvas interfacing for the back of the jacket.

Vintage suit sew along back interfacing

Really good instructions, I used the one piece method, making darts at the shoulders, and contouring along the curve around the mid back.

Vintage suit sew along back interfacing deatil

All sewn in place, it works well, lightweight, and softly structural.

Vintage suit sew along shoulder seams

Pressing the shoulder seams, look at the shapely collar!

Vintage suit sew along shoulder seams deatil

Here is the shell of the jacket sans sleeves while I consider the bias binding on on the collar.

Vintage suit sew along shell no sleeves

The instructions for the jacket include adding hem tape, which will be the next step before the sleeves go in.

Vintage suit sew along shell no sleeves bias binding

I’m impressed with the shape of the jacket already…

Vintage suit sew along shell no sleeves again

…But I leave it here to whip up the skirt which will need to hang for a few days (or a week!) before I hem it…

Advance skirt pattern and pieces

I had this whole project with me when we went away to Nelson and had a long night up with the fire going cutting out the lining pieces for both jacket and skirt, hooray for that extra carry on bag…I’m so glad I had it as time is racing by!

Advance skirt pattern and fabric detail

A detail of the skirt, it’s a simple circle skirt, and with the weight of the fabric, I didn’t want to leave it till last minute.

on on ironing board lining and view

I have really enjoyed my work room today, my kids have been very happy playing together, so I made the most of that precious time and the sunny space. I’m lining the skirt using this cute spotted cotton, the skirt has one pocket and a side zipper, not technically true to the era, I opted for an invisible zipper from my stash as I’m in the make-do stage of the the project (all that fancy canvas is pricy!) I’m also going to need to track down some hem tape – or make some – to give some body to the skirt as per my inspiration…

Vintage Suit Sew Along inpsiratin 03

(Oh can’t forget to make a wee headpiece to match…)

Advance skirt lining and waistband

Very straightforward, so it’s just waiting for me to hand stitch the inside of the waist band to the lining and voila! It’ll be out and hanging for as long as I can leave it….Working towards the end of the month for the deadline.

How are your Vintage Suit Sew Along projects going?

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