Vintage Suit Sew Along – catch up and a new completion date

Simplicity S128 Fabric lay up

How is your suit sewing going along? The facebook group has been fun, I think there’s some heads down getting on with it, perhaps a little bit ‘oh my god this is going to take ages!’ We have also agreed on a deadline, we are working to have our suits sewn up by the end of July. I hope this will give you enough time, I’m certainly feeling the pressure!

welt pockets

I must apologise for the radio silence, and for not posting updates on my suit sewing. We had some major health challenges with my children and I coming down with a rather nasty virus, which included a couple of days and nights in hospital with my youngest, things were not looking good….we are all ok now, and recovered about a week later. Busy times, I lost a few weeks in the blur and sleep deprivation!

So, I’m cracking back into my suit sewing…

sewing table at mums

I have had some time at my mums place, so a bit of a different view out over Kawau Bay. The construction of the jacket of my suit goes straight into hard-out welt pockets with flaps, so that’s been keeping me busy and focused on getting them just right.

welt pockets instructions

All fun and games, it’s been really fiddly work, the houndstooth frays like anything, and the pocket flaps are stitched precisely to the seam allowance, so not a lot holding it together either! I have to say though, it all works, especially as I am becoming far more disciplined when it comes to “Following the instructions”. It does pay off.

welt pockets scissors

I needed to finish the edges straight away as they started to fray! Oh dear!

welt pocket flap

I’m pleased with how they turned out after all the tricky maneuvering and precise sewing… and they work!

welt pocket flap hand in

I was also quite excited to see how well the flaps hold their shape, they have horse hair canvas interfacing, and they stand out somewhat from the jacket panels, just like the illustration. Cool! That’s what I was after.

So….how are you going with your suit sew along plans? Does the end of this month work for you?


#vintagesuitsewalong #vintagepledge




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