Vintage Suit Sew Along ~ Styles and eras

Vintage Suit Sew Along ~ Styles and eras

How are you all getting along with your ideas and plans for the Vintage Suit Sew Along? The next week or so is about figuring out what you want to make, and collecting your materials and tools to start on the toile next month.

I have a few ideas, and am yet to settle on The Pattern for my suit….so I have been (distracting myself) doing some research and looking at what I have to hand…

Rummaging through the pattern stash to come up with some ideas for the Vintage Suit Sew Along I came across these patterns, I have arranged them within decades, and I start with some suits, jacket, skirt or pant combinations.


The 30s were great for slim lines and long hems, elegant and dare I say quite practical.

McCall 8677 detail2


The early 1940s produced fashions that reflected the global impact of WW1, rationing, power dressing and women coming into the paid workforce like never before. The late 40s saw Dior’s New Look, which helped shape the silhouette for the following decade.

McCall 6194 40s suits

Vogue Retro 40s suit


The 1950s saw the nipped in waist, full skirts and wriggle dresses that we all know so well, within this we see beautiful detailing and padded hips on jackets.

Advance 8443


The youthquake in the 1960s moved fashion away from the full skirts and corsets of the 50s, skirts became slimmer and shorter. The women’s movement was starting to have a bigger impact and images of working women, and women ‘wearing the pants’ was having a come back.

Women's Realm 60s pattern

McCall's 60s suit patterns

Simplicity 4028 60s suit pattern

Vogue 4313 60s suit

Vogue Coutrier Design 1498

Maudella 5057 Chanel style jacket and suit

Simplicity 7542 60s suit pattern


The 1970s were a great period for pant suits, which is another nice connection to the 1940s…YSL gave us Le Smoking in 1966 and the glamour of that look made it’s way into everyday womens wear.

Simplicity 70s suit terench and pants pattern

Simplicity 7376 70s suit pattern

Simplicity 8412 70s suit pattern

Dress and matching jacket patterns

Simplicity s-128 pattern

Vogue Special Design S-4683

Vogue Coutrier pattern 168

60s simple dress and jacket patterns'

Simplicity 5194 60s dress and coat patterns

Vogue 5505 60s suit

Vogue Coutrier Design 1386

Simplicity 2727 50s suit dress pattern

Do you have a dress and jacket pattern you are thinking about? It fits the brief! Summer dresses and boleros were popular and would also work if you are looking for something a little less intimidating to the fully tailored jacket.

How are you going with your fabric selection? I just can’t decide yet, so I’m planning on whipping up a tailors ham and pressing sleeve…



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