Blake on ‘OnDo’, by Seung Yul Oh

If you’re around the central suburbs in Auckland you might have happened upon this sculpture. Perhaps while you are sitting in traffic on Dominion Road you have gazed around and spotted it, maybe you have walked by a couple of times and taken a closer look?

OnDo by Seung Yul Oh

We have, and we think it’s pretty cool. It’s called OnDo, by Seung Yul Oh. You can read more about it here on Eye Contact. We find it interesting to speculate about…. are they noodles? or wires? or pipes? Given the constant road works, the barrier just blends in, but it’s ‘giant noodles being pulled out of the pavement by giant chopsticks’ this sentence is usually shouted by my kids in delight.

Seung Yul Oh and Blake's OnDo

So it’s not that surprising that Blake was inspired to make some drawings of it. The kind of ‘art’ that Luna and Blake make is much less drawings and paintings, more installation, painting on objects playing with space.

Seung Yul Oh and Blake drawing OnDo

I would describe Blake’s style as gestural and uninhibited, often dramatic and noisy, going off the pages, that sort of thing. He’ll do about four drawings and then, he’s done! No more. That’s it. That’s enough. “These are for you mum,” he said, “that sculpture you love”. Sweetness.

Seung Yul Oh and Blake's OnDo x 3

OnDo is a short term public sculpture so go take a look!




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