iD Emerging Designer Awards 2015 – part two

Following my last post about the iD Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin, here is (finally) part two… and some of my favourite collections from the show.

Monique Duggan, Optic.

Monique Duggan

Monique Duggan2

Monique Duggan3

Monique Duggan4

Manikandan Vasudevan, The Gold Dust.

Mnikandan Vasudevan

Mnikandan Vasudevan2

Shea Cameron, Re-seeing.

Shea Cameron

I love this coat, it is so like the wings of a giant beetle, and so very wearable.

Shea Cameron2

Jessie Kiely, Fashion Baggage.

Jessie Kiely

Jessie Kiely2

Jessie Kiely3

Jessie Kiely4

Jessie Kiely5

Jessie Kiely6

This collection was so stunning, the garments had a surreal elegance despite the volume of of the textile.

Jessie Kiely7

Jessie Kiely8

Jessie Kiely9

Jessie Kiely10

Jessie Kiely11

Jessie Kiely12

Jessie Kiely13

Felicity Gleeson, Trace.

Felicity Gleeson

Qi Ye, Moving Buildings.

Qi Ye

Qi Ye2

This collection was so futuristic, I love it. Kind of like what I’d imagine a contemporary costume designer would create for Logan’s Run.

Qi Ye3

Jillian Boustred, Undercurrent.

Jillian Boustred

Tara Gurisik, Leisure Seven.

Tara Gurisik

Yi Ming, Fusion.

Yi Ming

These too, were beautiful, that silver skirt was like liquid metal.

Yi Ming2

Erica Deluchi, Holonymy.

Erica Deluchi

Erica Deluchi2

Kelsi Bennett, Jaws of Youth.

Kelsi Bennett

Emma Van De Merwe, [Im]mortal.

Emma Van De Merwe

Emma Van De Merwe2

Emma Van De Merwe3

I loved this collection too, detail with mono chromatic textiles can easily be lost, but the textures here seem to give visual strength to the garments, even from a distance. I saw an element of fusing of human and other animal/organic creatures in other the collections, touching subtly on other worlds, genetic engineering and hybrid creatures.

Emma Van De Merwe4

Alison Hope Murray.

Alison Hope Murray

Donald Chung, Resist + Exist.

Donald Chung

What I really want to see in fashion events are avant garde designs, I want to see imagination and adventure.  I also want to see beauty and skill in construction, and this is what I experienced at the iD Emerging Designer Awards. Catch them before commercial realities or desires take hold.

I’m hoping to make it again next year!

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