Summer fun times – baby rabbits and Hornby Trains

Luna sitting with rabbit

What are the chances of reaching into a rabbit hole and grabbing hold of a baby rabbit?

Luna raching for rabbits

The chances seem pretty good if you are Luna!

Luna holding a baby rabbit by burrow

Exploring the lime orchard at the grandparents place, Luna investigated the first rabbit hole we came across, only to pull out six wee baby rabbits.

bbay rabbits

They had tightly closed eyes, were so soft and just wanted to snuggle up together, so sweet, it is a shame they are such a pest in the area. We talked all about them, how old they might be, where their parents might be, and so on. Luna has been dreaming of having a pet rabbit, unfortunately, in our situation, it’s not practical or safe to have one in our backyard, so this was extra special.

Luna holding a baby rabbit

Elsewhere, my great grandparent’s Hornby Train set was an instant hit.

Vintage Hornby train engine front end

This used to be set up in a shed next door to where my dad grew up, his mum’s parents lived next door, and it was apparently grandfather’s special toy train.

Vintage Hornby train on tracks and signal

I am very impressed with how well it works after all these years.

Vintage Hornby train on tracks again

Clock work! So easy for small hands to use, and it moves so beautifully on the tracks.

Vintage Hornby train engine

Check out all the extra cars….

Vintage Hornby train on tracks

Most of them have their original boxes too.

Vintage Hornby train wagon

Two working engines, and two for parts, a level crossing, tunnel and a bridge, this is serious clockwork train fun.

Vintage Hornby train

And heaps of extra track!

Vintage Hornby train on tracks all lined up

I was able to squeeze a few new – and soon to be completed – sewing projects, especially for the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge…

New to the project pile:

Academy 2953, slacks in a lovely brown cotton blend from nana…

Academy 2953 pattern and note

Getting back on track with the Vintage Play Suit sew along, Vogue 6435, a really stylish house pyjama outfit from all those months ago…

Vogue 6435

I needed to line the bodice, and didn’t get it cut out with the rest of the fabric, now it’s all ready to assemble!

Vogue house pants suit bodice

Happy holidays xo


  1. We’re amazed about the rabbits! I’d have thought they’d be deep in a rabbit den. Looks a lovely place for Luna and Blake.


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