Vintage Maudella Patterns

Maudella 515 pattern women

Always on the look out for a vintage pattern bargain, I have picked up a few goodies, including these six Maudella Patterns, all dresses, all beautiful, all unused.

Maudella 5144 LR

I have not sewn a Maudella pattern before (for more about Maudella, here’s their Facebook fan page), so it will be fun trying a new pattern company.

Maudella 5057 LR

Recently having a few days of work, with more to come (awesome!) I realised I have neglected to create any stylish work staples – or at least finished any! I have a couple of simple skirt and blouse ensembles cut and ready to put together… but alas, with all this summery goodness, it was all about finishing my frocks.

Maudella 5053 LR

Must sew more dresses!

Maudella 5064 LR

So this is probably my last Vintage Pattern Love post before I get down to the serious business of finishing some projects….

Maudella 4956 LR

I thought some of my readers would enjoy a close look at some delicious pattern covers, these Maudella covers simply wrap around the pattern pieces and instructions. These two, above and below, are my favourites from this lot, it’s those unusual bodices that really do it for me.

Maudella 5157 LR

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