Summer sewing projects, Butterick 9497

Butterick 9491

Butterick 9497, such a stylish little number.  I love the half-full skirted version, but these days I find I’m going for the slimmer skirts, this time I’m planning on the slim skirt and long sleeves for winter.  Yet another dress pattern that I wish included the stylish hat in the illustration!

Butterick 9491 and fabric

I chose this royal purple fabric, another good op shop find (can you believe, another 1200 wide by nearly 6 meters?) as it has a nice weight and drapes beautifully, perhaps a touch too heavy for a full skirt, but good for pleats or the gathers that this pattern calls for.  My mum noted that I’d need to let it hang for a week before hemming it if I went for the half-circle skirt… which I think she secretly wanted me to make.

Butterick 9491 pattern layout fabric long

Being away from home sometimes means I get a bit more space to cut and prepare new projects, yehaa!  I was a bit wary of ironing the paper pattern too much, it’s one of my more fragile ones…

Butterick 9491 pattern laypt fabric

Check out those sleeve pieces!  Wild!

Butterick 9491 pattern layout bodice plus sleeve

I’m excited to see how this garment works out, I have had it on my mind for too long now.


    1. Yes… I was thinking about making both versions! I have a nice big piece of wool crepe that I might reserve for the other one.
      Thanks for your comment.


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