A suitcase of fabric!

Suitcase bursting

It is very exciting to have an old suitcase like this dropped off at my place.  A stash of fabric from an aunt in law, yippeee.  Here are a few gems… this wool plaid darker than the photo, just enough, I think, for some trousers or a skirt for winter, my colours too, those lovely blues and greens.

wool plaid

Other colours I wouldn’t normally go for, smallish pieces of woven wools, again nice for winter, there is also an unfinished wool pencil skirt in the stash, on the small side, and it needs to be hemmed, and probably lined, so that will be interesting…

wool pinks

A stretch denim and a lovely soft brushed cotton, I’ve already made my first pair of jeans and shorts with the denim, not blogged yet!  I’m thinking some pajama’s with the cotton.

denim and cotton

And this lovely piece of wool, well, with my trouser making madness, the first thing that came to mind is a pair of wide-leg ’40s style trousers.  I think this would be perfect, high waist, wide belt, cuffs, the works (Gulp).

wool for trousers

Exciting finds for 2014.

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