Luna’s parties

Most afternoons if we are home, the kids are working on their own activities, I’m grabbing some time to catch up on some work, or making dinner, doing the washing or what have you.  It is somewhat essential for our family happiness, it is a good chunk of ‘self directed’ play, and I love to see what that means for them at the moment.

banana plate tray

Luna has been feeling very festive, and her and Blake are really into hut making – in the lounge or backyard – and this means preparing meals to eat in the huts, like the party tray above, complete with candles.

Luna's party table food detail

Other times she gets busy preparing for a big party!  She spent ages putting together the above party feast and laying out all the plates, bowls and glasses.

Luna's party table with tea and cups

She laid the table with all I need to make a cup of tea, water, water glasses, candles and some pretty cornflowers from the garden.  I also had a bit of a giggle when she pointed out that the gin and tonic was for Grown Ups, ahem.

Luna's party table

There have been some lovely outdoor celebrations too.

Luna's umbrella

Timber, pillow, umbrella.

Luna's tree decorated

Luna spent hours decorating this outdoor Christmas tree, and I gave her a hand to pot it up.

Luna's party set up

All important flowers.

Luna's flowers

The real highlight for Luna and Blake came when we said they could have a couple of candles in the play house…

Luna's party candles in the play house with Blake


Luna's party candles in the play house

At the moment, Luna is engaging more and more in stories, telling, reading and listening.  We have Too Many Books, and some favourites are on cd as audio books, and she happily puts them on while reading and listens over and over.  All her ‘set ups’ involve her narrating as she works and plans, with Blake often along for the ride.  I’m interested to see where this takes her next, I get the feeling that when she begins to record on paper or media that she will have many stories to tell!

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