working with lichen, first drawings

lichen on fabirc hoop with pencil

I’m learning about lichen at the moment.  I have an idea for a garment, and need to test some ideas, so along with borrowing and reading a stack of library books, I’m looking more closely and making some drawings of my observations.

lichen and drawing

These extra long specimens came from an oak tree outside the satellite station south of Warkworth, they are the longest growths I’ve seen (so far).  So twisted and full of character.

lichen and shadow drawing

These ones were collected last week from a tree in my neighbourhood, Luna and Blake enthusiastically involved themselves in the task, Luna immediately scaling the tree!

close up lichen

Interesting, the variety on just the one tree.

close up long lichen

I’m calling this ‘Old Timer’ Lichen.

lichen and shadow

A perfect outdoor activity, set up alongside the kids, who were drawing, and hut building.

working with lichen


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