Cult Couture 2013 – Hyrda wins Recycled Revolution!

Cult Couture 2013 Coralline side by Angela Carter

What a fabulous evening!  Here is Coralline.

Cult Couture 2013 Coralline by Angela Carter

It was wondeful seeing these garments take the stage.

Cult Couture 2013 Hydra Angela Carter

And Hyrda, so lovely.  I was so nervous and excited, especially after all that insane amount of work.  Hydra won the Recycled Revoloution Catergory, wonderful, wonderful, what a surprise!

Cult Couture 2013 Hydra swirling by Angela Carter

And the model was dancing around backstage loving the dress.

Cult Couture 2013 Hydra by Angela Carter

So that makes it even better!

Cult Couture 2013 Hydra and Coralline by Angela Carter

Huge thank yous to the event organisers and team that does all the work backstage, the models were great, the wardrobe team took care of my garments and were so supportive when little Blake needed to be with me after I went on stage.  Thank you Barbara for coming and enjoying all the excitement, and for taking some photos!


Huge thank yous to all my wonderful friends and family who don’t think I’m mad (or at least don’t say I’m mad) for taking on these creative projects… especially when I don’t know the outcome.

Love you all x

3News have some coverage of the show here.


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