sewing room

My sewing space, creative space, my refuge.  A sanctuary even.

I had a bit of a clean out and tidy up, like many Auckland flats we have issues with evil black mould.  I hear you say, “Oh My God !  The fabric!”  And that’s exactly what I thought too.  I have also had these worries about my fabric fading, so the blue stripy shower curtain (destined for beach bags) is a temporary protection while I sort out a storage solution that prevents fabric fade while I can still see what I have for inspiration.

So, I’ve been getting a bit more proactive about cleaning and airing out this room.  I say this like I even have time to devote to cleaning.  It’s probably something to do with this lovely Spring weather too.  This is a rare glimpse into the room that I run to whenever I have the chance!

That is Simplicity 2491 just there, in progress.  Here’s a the pattern, just to give you a better idea…

Simplicity 2491

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