Academy 4832 slim skirt complete!

I started this project ages ago, put it on hold when I ran into some technical difficulties and now, it’s finished!  I’ve worn it out a couple of times and I just love it.  Above is the front view,

On me the bold collar is well balanced, and doesn’t seem to dominate the garment as much as it does on my mannequin, the dress is very close to the illustration on the pattern envelope.

With this dress, I decided to try two new skills, lining and interlining.  When I found the fabric had a fairly open weave, it seemed like the right project.  I had assembled the bodice by then so my plan was to line the bodice and interline the skirt.  I also had a go at Hong Kong seams, I was worried it might create a bit too much bulk, but it was fine, and they look SO good.  See?  Black on red looks hot so that probably helps!

More photos of the lining…  This was pinned in place here, and the waist was not joined to the skirt.

The back..

I had some issues with the bodice lining – I was unable to fit it perfectly to the inside of the dress, there was quite a bit of pulling across the bust, which impacted on the fit around the collar, and drove me mad, as it fitted perfectly before I lined it!  I think the bulk of the collar, and the thickness of the fabric across the top may have contributed to the imbalance.  I was unable to solve the fitting problems and did not have enough fabric to make another interlined bodice, so I made a couple of tucks just under the collar, below the front shoulders.  My mannequin is a bit slimmer than me!  And the skirt fits so well, it looks a bit like culottes here, but it’s just the split.  Just look at that shapely collar, I love it!

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