Simplicity 3107 progress…

I love this dress, I’m still completing it, I have had some troubles, mostly because I’ve done some weird things, so mum told me, when I asked her for some help fitting the three (yes,three) dresses I’ve been working on.

I kept looking at the bodice on Lorna thinking, ‘WOW’.  The colour is stunning and it’s such an unusual cut.  I have had a little trouble with the collar and getting it to sit right, and I think it’s sorted now, also I’m confused about how to create the ‘vent’ or split at the back.  Will get to that on anther post.

Beautiful huh.

I inserted the zipper, and invisable one, TWICE and it’s still doesn’t line up.  This is the first infuriating attempt.

Drove me mad this one, as you can see, it was one centimeter out, I want the zippers to join the dress perfectly, but I can usually live with a few mls out.. this oh, it’s my worst!  The second insertion was better though still wonky… I wanted to finish this dress to wear to Home Sewn, but in four days/nights of sewing between busy times with the kids, I needed it all to work perfectly first time.

Some other thoughts, the fabric is great to sew with, but it does stretch a touch, and I think that’s possibly where the trouble with the zipper has come from, it doesn’t need overlocking or zig zagging, wohoo, so that saved time.  But, I’m worried about getting it dirty or snagging it.. also I was getting a little static charge when trying it on and off, exciting I suppose.  But not a dress for a hot day!


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