making darts. the fabric kind. with Simplicity 7031.

I left a dress out while pinning and ironing darts recently, Luna and Blake came across it grabbed a pin cushion and started ‘pinning’…  I was happy as I could quickly get a bit of seams sewn while they were happily working in their thing behind me…

I was impressed to see Luna (Blake was assisting by passing pins – that’s the thing he loves, the pins…) was creating her own darts in the dress, and adding more to the ones I had made.

And if you’re wondering about the dress, it’s my next sheet dress, just to get the feel for the pattern, and because I love the  look and feel or vintage sheets…

Simplicity 7031

Were was my iron!!  The fabric is lovely, though slightly worn, its a shame, it makes it just a little light on, so am going to decide soon if it needs a bit of lining, which would be good practice.

I’ve paneled it so the center panel is a nice crisp section, near the edge of the sheet, and the side panels are the slightly faded ones, hopefully it will look good!  I’m making the right hand version, with the longer sleeves.  I’ve also cut the belt, so I can have a play around with that too.

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