Simplicity 5954

Finally, finally this little number is complete.  Straight out of 1965, Simplicity 5954.

I had a few issues with this dress, but it is wearable, though I’m not sold on the full skirt, which is not really even THAT full!

I chose version five, sans bow, eek.  I wanted a dress with a low back to show off my tattoo…

And I chose a vintage sheet I had picked up a while back, it was just one single and I have extra to spare!  I had planned to make up this dress for a wedding later in the year, so this was a bit of a test run, the pattern size is a tad small, so I made some adjustments.  I added a wider belt, and allowed a little extra at the top of the shoulder straps, just incase the pattern was made to fit a woman with thinner arms.. in the end it was fine, I didn’t need the extra fabric.  What was interesting, was when I came to fit the shoulders, so a higher or lower neckline, I could see just how the higher neckline made it a 60s dress.  I have a little trouble with pulling at the back, and the zipper was a tiny bit shorter than I needed, but I made it work.

A close up of the back, the print on the sheet is so pretty.  Below is the detail of the former hem, I have been quite inspired by finishing touches, those little details that only you know about that make your dress more unique…  I had this length of vintage trim, in pale pink, which I thought would be great.  It was, and following the instructions, obediently I sewed the hem before fitting, checking length etc… only to find that I could do with 10cms off!  Heaps, huh.  Mum spotted that for me, and while I was sad I lost my first foray into detailing, it is much better and a more fun length (I just couldn’t face doing it all again and so have stashed the off cut for another time..).

The illustration on the pattern is noticeably shorter than that which you get if you follow the pattern.  (Note to self for next time).

Oh and I also had a trouble with gathering the skirt (though now I have identified my gathering presser foot thanks to some friendly sewing nerds, next time it WILL be perfect) I had it all stitched and I was carefully evening out the gathers I snapped the thread – cue minor tanty and storming out for a cup of tea – but I came back and sorted it all out a couple of days later, having decided all future skirts will be pencil rather than full…

And my work space.. I enjoy seeing other people’s work spaces, so here’s mine, instructions and pattern picture to inspire me as I sew!

I’ve started on my next dress, but after this project, I plan to make a dress with the bodice from this one, and the skirt from this dress

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