Simplicity 3461 complete!

(Yes, I know, I should have pressed it properly… but I may not have had any photos til next year!)

Simplicity 3461.

This maybe my favourite dress.  It was far easier than I thought it would be to make, though the fabric was tricky to cut accurately and moved somewhat no matter how many pins I used.

I made the largest/tall size on the pattern, including the longer skirt, I also allowed extra fabric on the front top and skirt panels (on the center fold) which worked ok on the skirt, but gave me more fabric than I needed in the bust (this was based on my estimated adjustments considering the my measurements and those noted on the pattern) and was fairly close.  However the next time I make this one I will get a better fit!  I also had to increase the darts in the top considerably, again I think this was because I allowed a little extra while cutting.

This the first dress I have made that is in two sections, a top and skirt, and it was not too bad, just a bit tricky lining it all up in the end, but I think this gave a good and comfortable fit in the end.

I’m trying to use what ever I have at hand as far as notions go, and so this baby is fitted with a hot pink invisible zip (which is mostly invisible I have to say – phew!) and as I do not have a suitable belt buckle I made the belt longer and tie it on the side (which hides the pretty pleats a bit though, so I am looking out for a buckle to suit).

I was a bit unsure of the style, as far as how well it would suit me, and the fabric was a gamble, it was not the first choice, though I’m happy now!  I learned I need to slow down a wee bit, I took the time to carefully finish all the facings in the top, however I neglected the inside raw edges in my enthusiasm to complete it, so need to address those before I’m leaving threads behind me wherever I go with it.

Here are those lovely pleats…

On to the next dress!

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