Women’s Softball in the 1940s

13 January 2013

Nana and friends off on the train for a weekend of softball.  Nana Shirley is in slacks on the right.

Nana writes about her first games, traveling for games weekends, hitting a home run, becoming an umpire, which she loved.  She went away with her girl friends on the train to play for Auckland, the weekend featured early mornings, late nights, social games and dances held in honor of visiting teams.

Nana accepting an award for hitting a home run, her first award ever, she notes.  Very exciting!

Uniform parade.  The book is full of newspaper clippings, and a few press photos from games.

At Three Kings School.


Next to batter up, in a very close game…

Still impressed Nana held on to all this, she obviously loved the game.

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