Winter at Pt Chev beach

18 July 2011

For a day that started out like this

It was a great day for a winter beach wander.  One of the best things about Waterview is being minutes from Pt Chev, and the BEACH.  Not my pick for a swim, but plenty of shells and sand to get into and on you.

How lovely is this?  I left the washing in the machine and we took off, grabbed some sushi and got in the sand.

The water was so still.

Luna is into shells and wanted to make a sand castle, sand was collected from along the beach until we found the spot for the sand castle, then it was a long slow walk back collecting scallop shells…

Cool thing is she remembers many more shell names, and we’re able to do more with these finds, washing and learning about the animals.

I’m looking forward to spending more time investigating with her, we got out one of my shell books, and found pictures of what we found today.  Mostly scallops!

Such a fun excursion.

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