What’s going on?

22 March 2013

I’ve been a bit slack lately, in posting, partly because there are some changes for our family with this new year, the kidlets are moving into new things, and out in to the world more, and I’m working on a big?  secret?  project.  I’m entering two garments in World of Wearable Arts this year, which is really exciting, I’m using some materials I made while at Art School, all those years ago.

Sneak peak one:

Sneak peak two:

So far, this project is not involving much sewing, just pinning, draping, and reading books about fabulous haute couture garments by Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior and just some of the wonderful illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, I’m loving it!

Some sewing..

Luna’s world is about flowers.

And Blake is into trains.

And cars.

Excitedly, Rob’s recent performance at the Silos, Concretions, was a hit, and he has just started a postgraduate year at Elam.  Busy times ahead…

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