What’s around the corner?

21 June 2013

I guess when your dad likes making things, like robots and strange electronic instruments, you see potential everywhere.  I love these little ideas that appear in our house.  You never know what’s around the corner.

As I write this, I sit in my freshly de-moulded sewing room (Mould in the Sewing Room, Bad, BAD news.  But it’s over now).  It feels good to be in here, I had a minor de clutter, fabric to pass on, a few odd garments and patterns put aside to list on trademe, so it’s all good.

Up and coming sewing projects are ready and waiting…

I’m working with Weigel’s 2039 again, I love this pattern!   I had this lovely piece of yellow crepe in my stash, just enough for a blouse, so decided to make one using this bodice (long sleeve version) extending it somewhat from the waist using another tried and tested dress pattern with a dropped waist.  Fingers crossed, I know it’s a bit risky creating a hybrid – but I do love the neck line… and I am keeping the extra fabric below the waist long so I can adjust at the end.

Two pairs of trousers cut and ready to sew, these are so easy to put together, I am using a vintage crimpline I picked up, and some stretch brown fabric that was passed on to me.  Two quite different fabrics, so we’ll see how each pair works out.

And another blouse, version 4, center lower right, using a stretch white fabric, that was also passed on to me…  I’m adding sleeves to this one too.

This is another favourite pattern, I’m making up the lower left version (1) with this very lightweight brocade fabric I was given, just enough, only just enough, I’m piecing together the inner collar piece, so it should look fine…

And in planning…

I’m loving my other dress in this green and black printed houndstooth fabric, I think it will work well with this design too, version one, slim skirt, long sleeves.  Below, I’m planning the blue, ‘B’ version, slim skirt, with long sleeves, I picked up this stunning blue crepe (yes I love using crepe) at an op shop for $5… almost 5 meters worth, and wide, about 120cms..!

I have had this pattern floating around for ages… I’d like to make the ‘B’ version, in this brown polyester that Nana gave me, it doesn’t seem to wrinkle (much) it had been bundled up in my sewing bag, and just had a couple of creases, it has a lovely drape, great colour and it will be an interesting style to try out.

Here’s to getting some sewing done in the new room!

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