Western Springs park adventure

13 March 2011

sky through the trees

Western Springs this week was all crazy busy with people setting up for Pacifika Festival… we took a wander along a walkway that climbs up behind the Auckland Zoo, much more relaxing getting away from all the cars and tents filling the park.  A really hot day, it felt fresh and cool under the pines and ferns.  Luna enjoyed the adventure and Blake slept in the ergo.

lovely lake

Beautiful isn’t it?  Waiorea or Western Springs is where rainwater collecting on some of Auckland’s biggest volcanic cones, Three KIngs, Mt Eden and One Tree Hill filters through lava flows reaching Western Springs clean and clear.  It used to be a source of water for Auckland city, and from the park you can see the original Pump House, in MOTAT.

tree and stump

sky through the tree tops

Just so into clouds these days!

cross hatched stump


And of course lichen, clouds and lichen, clouds and lichen..

fern lichen

Lichen coating the trunk of a fern, can you see the vinehopper?

path and trees

A lovely old pair.

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