Weigel’s 2039, complete, in time for Autumn

21 April 2013

Perfect for Autumn, I managed to quickly finish this baby off despite the deadline for my WoW entries looming.  I cut it out ages ago while at mums’ place, well before the temperatures dropped, so it’s great to have something warmer to wear when I need it!  I went for the full skirt with long sleeves.  Here is is, almost complete over an oversize petticoat, awaiting the hand sewn hem.

It was so easy to make, I made only a hollow bust adjustment, folding about 8mm out from each side and making a minor short back and sway back adjustment.  It has a side over lapped zipper, which was new for me, and I added a waist band rather than making a separate belt, as that seems to be a good look for me, and saves having to make a belt!

There’s so much I love about this dress, the neck line, is so simple, it is easy to wear and very comfortable.  Some of my vintage sewing projects have resulted in lovely dresses with barely any wearing ease, so this is one of my most wearable so far.

With the side zipper, the back of the bodice, to me, feels like more of a feature, and I cannot wait to make another version of this dress.  Next time, I’ll take a little out of the sleeves, which feel a little baggy, and I’m planning to make a slim skirted version next, with this dress, I found the gathers very bulky, if making the full skirt again, I’ll take extra time to pleat them, this is another reason why I find adding a waist band helpful, it has helped to flatten and smooth them out somewhat.

Another minor issue, the skirt  looks great with a petticoat or two under it (I have to replace the elastic in my two… just notime at the moment!) sorry no pictures with the petticoat, yet.  It is also slightly sheer, so for modesty I suppose I should make an effort.  Though I have been wearing it out already, for winter it seems to go well with my 60s/70s boots, no doubt I will have to whip out some heels to make it more elegant another time.

This is an idea for another dress…  I have about four meters of terylene in a vibrant purple, it has some stretch, so I’m thinking I’ll play around with it first, might be able to omit a zipper, maybe.

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