War – Suzie Crow

22 March 2010

Susan Crow War 2010

If you or anyone you know is in Tauranga over the next few weeks go and take a look at this exhibition at The Laundromat Art Project Space.

The exhibition will run from 18th March 2010 – 6th April 2010


‘Aces in the sky, Spitfire and Hurricane,  Fokke-Wulf and Messcherschmidt.

The defining battle of one generation in the western world and we called it a world war.

Vietnam another generation. And the cold war. Goodies and Baddies. Black hats and White. Right and wrong always relative and perspective dependent.

So far its always been just one lot of people vs another lot; battles of willpower, tenacity, inventiveness and technology. There are individual triumphs and tragedies, strategic gains and losses, but it has been the overall massed effect that prevails, numbers, commitment, sacrifice, leadership, working together for a common goal, Oh and maybe some luck? How much have we been prepared to lose to gain victory?

Now its global more than ever, the sides are less defined but the stakes are very high. We could call it the earth war.


There are no sidelines, we just think there are.  Our actions are cumulative.


Its all of us, but most are sleepers.’


- Susan Crow (nee Pickernell)

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