Wallpaper prints.

6 June 2011

Rob made these wallpaper prints ages ago, I came across them while unpacking.  But I cannot find the original block, they’re really easy to do, this was one of those beautiful raised or embossed pastel flowery drops.

You just glue, carefully, a piece of wallpaper onto a smooth piece of wood you have in your stash, like MDF, let dry under a soft layer, like towels or cloth, under a pile of heavy books or similar, for a day or so until it has dried (obviously taking care to ensure no glue is oozing out that will stick to the cloth..).

Then you are ready to print!  You can use a roller to roll on the ink, then, as with block prints, put it through a press, or just lay paper on the inked side and rub over with another clean roller, or just your hand, to make the print.

Very basic, but it looks nice, you can pick up really nice texture too.  The sad part is that the block becomes more flattened the prints you make.

Oooh I took some photos of the block.

I’d like to have this paper on the walls of my house one day.

The blue tinge is from the print ink, the original pattern is very raised and gold and pastel shades of pink and cream  Noice.

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