Vintage skirt and Bolero project

24 February 2015

vintage thread

I have been cracking into some summer sewing, when we take time away to see family I pack a couple of bags of sewing project ideas – fortunately we travel light!

When the kids are busy spending time with family or asleep in the evenings, I do a bit of cutting out and planning, the fun stuff!

Skirt and bolero pieces

Lately, I have a 70s skirt, Simplicity 1104, you might remember from some time back, it turned out to be a wardrobe staple. I have become more mindful of planning co-ordinating outfits, so I decided to make a sweet little bolero to match, I also had enough fabric in the stash for two garments – win!

Simplicty 2296

This is a pattern I have had on the ‘must sew’ list for ages, and as I plan to sew a suit this year I figured it might be a bit of a warm up to tailoring. I went for version ’2′.

Simplicty 2296 detail

Austin’s not so keen on sewing in the middle of the night!

Austin with skirt panels

The only drawback to late night sewing would be poor judgement – despite the pattern calling for the bolero to be lined I set to interlining it – Gah! Got to far to unpick and start again, so I opted to bind the seams and consider this a good lesson. And I wont be flashing around the inside of it anytime soon.

bound seams

I enjoyed choosing the bias binding, the lining fabric gave me lots to work with, I went for a white and green around the facings. I’m telling myself it is good practice with seam finishing as well as stash busting!

fabric and bias binding better colour

This is how it is looking so far…. checking the interfacing lines up ok.

bolero inside

Letting the skirt hang I had the chance to see the outfit together.

Simplicty 2296 and skirt hanging side

Starts to look like a good match.

Simplicty 2296 and skirt hanging

I’m excited about this bolero, such a lovely shape to it! Especially in details like these little darts at the back neck, it really conforms to a human body.

Simplicty 2296 bolero neck darts


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