Vintage ‘Cut Out Dresses’… from the 1960s

10 September 2013

What a find, what a cool idea, I wonder how many women went for them?  So, I’d assume many vintage sewers will have come across mail order patterns, from Home Journal and other women’s magazines, but, prior to The Auckland Vintage Textile Fair on the weekend, I had never heard of mail order ‘cut out dresses’.

Fashion Pack!  ”Yes please!”  These dresses are pre cut to your size, you have three colour options, the come with all your notions, buttons, zippers, interfacing, ribbons, everything other than spools of thread.

Check out these babies.  Love this green number.

This one, comes with emerald green wool fabric, and a co-ordinating ribbon.

Cool, love this line.

I think this other one is also quite lovely.  Not sure about the colour, but the style is classic.

Colour co-ordinated packaging.  I would have been bursting with joy when it turned up!  Though they have been lovingly kept, I wonder why they were never sewn up?

I’d love to know more about these, if any of your wonderful readers has knowledge to share!

I don’t know if I have it in my heart to make them up…. but I’m dying to try them out.  Might have to copy the pieces to make my own pattern to experiment with.

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