Vegan gingerbread.

28 August 2013

Yum!  A coffee and a piece of gingerbread makes me SO happy.

I’ve tried a few, and just picked up my Aunt Daisy Cookbook, which I’m afraid I don’t use enough, despite the old school recipes and variations for a number of recipes, like lemon curd without eggs or butter.  So good for the budget and easy to adapt.

Here’s a vegan version of Aunt Daisy’s Gingerbread… this came out very sweet, so you could easily cut back.

Makes two loaves.

1 cup of sugar (or less!)

3 & 1/2 cups wholemeal flour

1 Tablespoon ground gingr

1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon

1/2 cup oil

1 cup golden syrup (I made mine with 3/4 golden syrup and 1/4 molasses)

2 teaspoons baking soda dissolved in some warm water

1 cup oat milk (or other milk)

I use my bench top mixer for cake making, and I place the wet ingredients in the bowl followed by the dry (you’ll be wanting to do it the other way around if you’re putting yours together in a bowl by hand).

Warm the golden syrup and molasses, add the oil and mix until combined, add the baking soda and water mix well.  Add sugar and other sifted dry ingredients.  Mix well, then add the milk slowly.  Pour into well greased loaf tins.

Aunt Daisy says to bake these babies at 180 for 1 and 1/2 hours.  In my unreliable dodgy oven, they were cooked in less than an hour on 140.  So best to keep an eye on them, and if you’re not sure just test by inserting a knife into the cake, if it comes out clean they’re done!

Allow to cool, while you brew your coffee and enjoy x

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