two tiny bears

20 May 2012


These two tiny bears are one of my favourite projects from when I was a kid, I think I was about nine or ten when I made them, on a holiday at my nana and poppa’s place.

They are taken from a Women’s Weekly magazine and I made them from the paper pattern, just not sized up, as it was intended to be used.  You probably know I love working on crazily small scale projects, and I loved this one, because the bears were so cute, I loved the longer limbs, the fabric was an off cut from nana’s curtains (which she still has up) and was really nice to use, one side is pink, one side is orange, hence the combination of colours…  they are stuffed with the off cuts from making, and all hand sewn as you can see.

I had thought these were lost, but found them about a month ago at mums, horray!  Here they are with Audrey..

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