Tree House!

10 October 2011

This was the big thing that happened over the weekend.  As soon as I saw this tree, I knew it would make a good tree house!

it just needed to be freed from the jasmine and moth plant that were strangling it and our lovely Carla came and gave it a good prune. Really simple to construct, though it took a few hours, we had a solid wood slice as a platform, loads of lengths of logs in various thicknesses.  Rob cut a few posts from the logs which we settled the platform on, then added the handhold and banister kind of logs around locking them in on each other and nailing them in place.  We made some ladder rungs in places too.

All that needed to be done was bringing the wood (that came from a couple of wooly nightshade trees I chopped down) and some really long nails together.

We all love it!  I whipped up some flags and we strung them up, with a piece of red fabric as a sun shade, and Luna starts singing ‘happy birthday’ sweet.


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