The sweetest of sweet corn

12 February 2013

These babies were planted in November, I bought one punnet which had nine seedlings, so a bit of a bonus – most usually have six.  The punnet was $3.50, and they were organic seedlings, just to keep in mind the economics, it was a little experiment, it works out to about 40 cents per plant, each yielded at least one good cob, we had some fertilization issues with the lower cobs, probably due to close planting.

The plants grew, like, well, sweet corn, very exciting, good instant gratification gardening!

Above was about a month after planting, below, just before harvesting:

And one of the juicy cobs…

A worthwhile crop, sweet corn varies between $1 per cob, to maybe 2 for $1 when they are plentiful, organic more pricey again, picked fresh and eaten straight away, they don’t get much better.  Great for the kids of course too.

Next year, I’ll give them more space, they are fairly low maintenance, just regular water (grey water from our washing machine) and I added some organic fertilizer when I planted out the seedlings, and the occasional worm farm wee was added to buckets of water.


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