The Science of Sleep

1 August 2006

I enjoyed a sneaky screening of this film early Saturday morning at the cinema where I work.

It is another film by Michel Gondry (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) about a young man who struggles to distinguish his dreams from reality. The main character Stefan (Gael García Bernal, who I recall from Y tu mama tambien) works at a mindless job wishing he could become more creative and he falls in love with his neighbour, a woman who collects and makes things. Interspersed with cool animation – old school stop-motion style animation – featuring surreal creatures and imagery, like a freaky electric shaver-monster, cellophane water, a typewriter with weird mechanical fingers that operates itself and an excellent stitched felt ski field, this film was fun to watch even though the gutlessness of the main character was a little annoying (ooh that’s a bit harsh I know).

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