Summer unschool

5 June 2017

 Blake's doll house bedrooms cat

In Blake’s dollhouse, big moves in here too

The last six months or so for our family have been full of upheavals, massive changes like new home, new city, new friends, work changes, leaving regular employment for contracting, getting an accountant, family, life and death. It’s like all that hard stuff has happened at once. Urgh, I’m glad to be able to see beyond that now, the day to day keeping on trucking.

Blake's doll house lampa and flowers

Setting up Blake’s dollhouse, a collaboration between Luna and Blake

So the blog has been quiet, but we’ve been so busy, Luna and Blake have largely rolled with it all, we’ve savoured a lifestyle of non-commitment while so much has been up in the air. We’ve been working on settling in the new house, the garden (oh the garden!) finding our bearings, missing loved friends and supportive community, and finding the same slowly, slowly, here.

Blake's doll house tiny kitchen

Dollhouse kitchen

Some of the activities in photos….Blake really wanted to model a volcano using plasticine, so we bought two hunks of the stuff.

Blake's plasticine block play working

Seuss style building

Blake's plasticine block play

Slicing and stacking

Blake's plasticine volcano detail

The volcano with hot lava pouring out

Blake's plasticine volcano and rocket

The volcano was struck by a rocket and/or had a rocket blasting off it

Blake’s play and making is all about the process, manipulating materials, telling a story about what is happening he seems free of achieving a certain result, and that great sensory hands on play. It’s fun and liberating. It’s like there is no fail or mistake.

Luna and Blake reading

Reading, reading, reading

We have been enjoying weekly meet ups at our new library with new friends. Luna and Blake’s reading has been improving quietly, slowly, with lots of graphic novels, audio stories and writing to friends.

Pumping Balloons

Blowing up balloons for a party

Abbey Caves moss on the rocks

Bush walks!

Luna catching mosquito larvae

Gardening and mosquito farming

Lichen trees Luna glueing

Miniature trees for the model railway landscape

Lichen supply

Materials for making

Lichen trees trunk ready instagram

Progress, trees looking a bit like trees

Lichen trees with lichen leaves

The final result

Luna making a sign

Making welcome signs for visitors

Blake mark making crosses

Blake and his mark making

Luna sewing

Luna inserting a zipper into her birthday dress, pattern chosen, pieces cut out and almost completely assembled by Luna

Blake and the teepee and arch

Building arches, playing in tents, archeology and construction

Pataua North beach

“Wet pants are a certainty” ~ Blake at the beach

Sculpy finished creations by Luna

Making tiny food for the dollhouses

Work room

And our own play and work room! Lego, lego, lego!

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