Strawberry sewing kits!

25 October 2011

I love to get people sewing, it’s easier and more fun than some may think..  You can buy one of these babies from my shop.

It’s good to start with something fun and well, these will be quite festive too.  I’m putting together these sewing kits, you can make a set of three or five strawberries, and the good thing for beginner sewers is that makes good practice!

Like my other kits, all you need is a pair of scissors, the kit comes with the felt, stuffing, template, thread, needle and a couple of pins.  They require no tricky fancy stitches, just a little time.

I’ve used mine as a string of strawberries to decorate the house, and Luna has a whole pile to play with too…

So look out for me at i.craft.kingsland if you’re in the hood this weekend, or come to The Michael Park School Fair to see me… or any of my other markets (see over there to the top right..) or you can just email me if you’re interested.



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