Strawberry girls and summer at the Garden House

24 October 2011

I scored this little baby a while back, the vintage Starwberry Shortcake Garden House and I’ve been wanting one for AGES.  This one was a steal!  And it’s totally mint, came with a rough old box and instructions…  It took an extra long nap for the kiddees and some Star Trek on while my little bro visited for me to pull it out (cause it would have been rude to lock myself in the sewing room of course.)

Austin is not one to be left out of anything….

Stella, says, ‘Come on over!’

Ramona is such a wild one!  Check out that hair.

Don’t often see Nina and her sister Colleen out together.


Nancy and Audrey love a glass of homemade berry wine on a long weekend…

Isobel and Colleen

Colleen and Nancy say pets are welcome!


Audrey hanging out.

Stella and Ramona, hey lets get going!

Love these two!


Now, they’re not usually all this disheveled…  but it was exciting!  Clothes…

Might have to get the Berry Bake Shoppe out next time…

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