sewing kits

28 January 2011


I’m really excited, I’ve started putting together some ideas for some new sewing kits, I’ve got all the bits, and I really just need to make a couple of samples up to see how they look and work out what each will need.  Lucky Luna and Blake will have some new toys over winter!

I’ve been quite distracted with cutting up the patterns and fabric to make up some tops and a dress with the cool vintage patterns I posted about earlier, as usual, too many things and not enough time!  The most helpful thing is the kiddies are sleeping better now, little Blake will give me a couple of hours in the evenings, but staying up sewing till midnight and rising at 6am gets a tad draining – although it is so much fun.

I do LOVE buttons, I caved and bought a couple of bags of new buttons from Spotlight and they have provided hours of fun for everyone.  I’m also exploring using some more natural stuffing/filling for my soft toys, as an alternative to polyester filing.  I’m trying to rid my life of plastic, it’s a long process, but the good thing is there are alternatives around.  I came across Innergreen if you’re interested, and hopefully I will be hearing back from them soon.

button bags

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