Rena fundraising auction

8 November 2011

You might have heard about this recent marine disaster in New Zealand, a ship, Rena ran aground and has leaked oil in to our the waters on our beautiful east coast.

Most heart breaking is the toll it is taking on marine wildlife.

There are a number of volunteers helping in the clean up, and our government has been slow to act, disappointing, but not surprising.

On the up side, people have rallied from across New Zealand to support where they can and I was delighted to be able to give in a small way to provide support to people giving their time to help in the clean up.

There is a Facebook page, Rena-Fundraising-Auction you can visit, and you can look at the goodies up for auction on their trademe page

Mermaid’s Purse has donated a Rock Star Pincushion and a Sea Horse Needle book…  Seeing as I love marine animals like these little babies, I figured some of you other cats might too!

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