Peak Oil

28 April 2005

End of Suburbia highlights just how unsustainably these resources have been used. ‘Suburbia’, or ‘The American Dream’ is far more fragile than ever before imagined, we have become lulled into thinking that we can continue consuming power and products like there is no tomorrow.

Some experts; writers, geologists and other scientists suggest that we are already on the way down, we have reached a global peak and from now prices will continue to rise, demand continue to increase – and politicians will get desperate, as we have already seen ample evidence with Americas war for oil in Iraq.

Now we need to think ahead, our resources are limited, and so we must think sustainably, to move forward. On a positive note, one writer believes that this may force people to become neighbourly again, we will need to work together, and we can make changes on a local level.

This documentary was screened in Auckland by The Green Party NZ.

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