Op Shop show off!

14 September 2013

This is my first official ‘Op Shop Show Off‘ post!

Hey I’ve just joined up…. but if you have checked my ‘op shop treats‘ tag, you’ll know I’m often on the look out for a cool second hand find.  This week, I picked up some lovely vintage novelty ribbon, have look…

Don’t you love it?  Might make something festive with this one, below for Summer Solstice this year.

This was a favourite for me, maybe something for a summer outfit?  A pretty bag or purse pair?

Also, these cards of trim are resting on a HUGE piece of deep green wool crepe, I found a piece, 1800mm wide by 6 meters long!  The price was too good to be true, $10!  I love crepe, I love working with it and it drapes beautifully, and I have a couple of garments made from wool crepe that are wardrobe favourites.  So that came home with me as well.

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