Not back to school 2016!

2 February 2016

What happens when the kids are not back to school?


I get all the ‘back to school’ photos of sweet children ready, dressed and into their new school year adventures on social media. It’s exciting, and for those having their first day at school ever, it seems like a right of passage. But what about the few of us unschoolers? Anything new and exciting? I would love it if I could indulge my nerdy self in all the new stationary that seems to go along with the ritual, but life really continues as normal, and new stationary and learning equipment is gathered as and when needed. So I’ll just dream about it.

But, I’ll tell you what we are looking forward to, is visiting the library and museum again…while I have a secret joy in seeing children out and about inhabiting the world, with one child that really struggles with large crowds and noise, being able to visit some of our favourite places for community and learning (outside the regular home ed group events and activities) without the rush of crowds is quite exciting.

In the meantime, we started the day with breakfast, a sheet hut, loaded with cushions and some snacks, and the children are happy.

Sheet hut just add books and children

Secret spaces, children only spaces are pretty special, and as Luna is spending more and more time in her reading, her needs are fairly easy to meet at the moment.

Sheet hut just add books and children inside

Happy times. We have a free circus workshop with some friends on the cards this afternoon, so this quite time is important. And delightful. The other sweet thing is my eldest decided to bring in the washing after a good session of reading, nice!

folded washing blues

With all the board games and card games we have been playing Blake is working out more mathematical concepts in his play. I sort of ‘expect’ to see this with Lego blocks, and he’a always been one to create a physical representation of ideas. So this is fun to observe, he’s made the discovery and applies the idea himself to take it to the next level (he showed it to me, the 4 x 2, 4 x 3, 4 x 4…then I could arrange the blocks in the 5 x 2, 5 x 3..)

Blake 5 x 4 block math

Early morning multiplication with Blake and the blocks.

And me and my work? Well, with the kids happy, food organised for the day, I’m working on finishing this, a bolero and skirt project…

Simplicity 2269 bolero

I hope in time to wear to the Glory Days premiere of Carol this evening!

That said, I’m off!

Happy back to school or not back to school! xo

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