New shoes! And a happy new year.

6 January 2013

Wohoo!  Happy new year!  I had a little bit of an op shop last week, while spending time with family in Katikati, I picked up this sweet pair of David Elman Shoes.  What a score, just – only just – my size, woo, and only four bucks!

I am always on the look out for unusual vintage fabric (within my budget) and when I spied this piece of floral light weight knit, I couldn’t walk away, yeha, only one dollar, it will make a comfy blouse.

I hope you all had a safe and fun time over the new year period, I have some new projects on the go, including an entry into the World of Wearable Art this year, fingers crossed!  More on that later…

‘Pattern Presents’.  Oh I know it’s nerdy, but it’s also a pretty way to keep my projects together.

Each bundle is a project cut, marked and pinned ready to dart or finish edges as soon as I get a moment, sometimes I will zig zag the edges on a number of projects I have on the go, if the thread colour works for a few, it seems like an efficient way for me to work, and it means that I get some reasonable chunks of a dress or outfit complete in one hit, and at times, it feels like I complete a number of new dresses in a few days.

On the sewing front, I’m looking to be more disciplined when it comes to planning for the coming season, I’m getting more organised, and I feel more confident with matching my sometimes mystery fabric choices with my patterns.  I have had a bit of a clear out, actually, more of a ‘clear and re-arrange’ of the sewing room.  Tricky as both Luna and Blake are spending more time in here with me while I work, which is great and sometimes a touch over crowded.

I have been given some cool vintage recipe books, and a recipe catalogue box, so I’m going to be whipping up some more nana style cakes and goodies.  Take a look at this little gem..  What I love about recipe books from this period is not only that they are full of amazing over the top illustrations of incredible meals, but they are often quite thrifty, so good tips on making your meals go further, substituting expensive ingredients like eggs, and sometimes dairy, so all good as far as I’m concerned.

This also means more High Teas, more cocktail parties, more bottling, and upping food production for our family from our ever increasing garden.  And more dresses.

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